Halmstad City

Halmstad City is perfect for walking and shopping. You will rapidly discover this. Everything is near at hand here. The offerings are varied and the city centre has the particular charms conferred by compactness. It is easy to fall in love with our city’s heart!

Shopping with extra everything

Central Halmstad offers shopping with extra everything. For, in addition to the pleasure of shopping, you have the charming inner city with its street life, old and new architecture, a castle dating back to the 17th century, vibrant parks, art and sculpture.

The city is built around the Nissan river. This is what gives the city its special stamp. Do not be surprised if you see someone fishing. Even our beautiful city library has taken a step out into the water! On both sides of the river, you will find a wonderful mix of small and large shops. There is something for all tastes and all wallets.

Pedestrian precincts

Shops jostle with cosy restaurants, cafés and outdoor eateries along our pedestrian precincts. After all, resting tired shopping feet and refuelling empty tummies is all part of the fun.

Market squares

If you like outdoor markets, make your way to Stora torg. Fruit, vegetables, flowers, plants and lots of other little delights can all be bought there. Take the opportunity to also enjoy Carl Mille’s sculpture, Europa and the Bull.


Getting around our city on foot is easy. It is equally easy to get here or return home. Buses are readily accessible and regular. If you are travelling by car, there are a number of central, multistorey, car parks. Bicycles are unsurpassed when it comes to getting around.

Thus, let’s make it a date in the city’s heart!

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