Farm shops offering Halmstad specialties

In Halmstad, you are near to everything – fields, forests, sea and lakes. Thanks to our fantastic surroundings, we can offer a glorious selection of prime local ingredients. Embark on a culinary adventure and take in everything from farm shops and jam making operations to dairies and fishing huts. Treat your taste buds!


On Halmstad’s outskirts, there is the Wapnö Gård estate. It has a shop selling the estate’s produce. This includes Wapnö Miljökött®, an exclusive, highly marbled beef from the farm’s heifers, calves and cows. It also offers meat from animals that have never had antibiotics. A little further from Halmstad, at Getinge, there is an imposing castle and farm shop, Mostorp. Besides its own meat, it also has pork, game and chicken from other local farms. Visitors to the farm are always welcome.


Hasn’t everyone tried Kvibille cheeses? No? Well, they are extra tasty direct from Kvibille Ostbod, which is well worth a visit. The cheeses are made only a short way from here. They could not be any fresher. In addition to their classic cheeses, there are also those produced on a small scale and ad hoc batches that never reach the shops. Cheese has never tasted so good.

The Wapnö Gård estate also has a local dairy. Its products include milk, cheese and yoghurt. These are sold in the estate’s shop. Several of Wapnö’s products are “fully local”, i.e. all the inputs are grown and all the refining is carried out at a single place.

Freshly caught fish

There are few things that taste as good as freshly caught fish. They cannot get any fresher than those from Görviksfiskaren. Own caught fish from the Kattegat are sold at Grötvik’s charming harbour. Mackerel, plaice, sole and salmon trout are on sale. Own pickled herring are also available. Fish are treated at a local smoking plant.

Talking about smoked fish, we can warmly recommend Lynga Lax. Smoked salmon, raw spiced salmon and smoked mackerel are sold here along with other delicacies. An in-house smoking method using Halland wind-whipped, salt-drenched, juniper brushwood is employed.

Mouth-watering ice cream

In Möllegård, in beautiful surroundings just outside Halmstad, you will find home-made Italian ice cream at Riccardo’s. The flavours are wonderful and many. Everything from chocolate and stracciatella to pistachio and whiskey cream. In other words, you will not be disappointed.

SIA Glass produces ice cream in Slöinge. Its popular, rich, dairy ice cream is sold throughout large parts of Sweden. At the Slöinge shop, its entire range is available in all sizes. It also has shop ice cream that did not quite match SIA’s rigorous taste tolerances. It differs only marginally from approved batches, is cheap and just as tasty! The shop has indoor and outdoor seating as well as a fine play area for children.
We love ice cream. This is why we have collated even more ice-cream tips in a separate guide.

Sweet and good

Särdals Kvarn is an exciting destination and part of Halland’s culinary history. It has a café and shop selling much loved jams, cordials and jellies as well as delicacies from several Halland food producers.

In Brännarp in Getinge, there is another farm shop that boasts an amazing selection of delicacies. At Hafi factory shop, the fourth generation is now looking after the entire process from field to table. The company’s programme includes marmalades, jams, chutneys, sauces, cordials, sparkling drinks, juices and much more. You will want to taste everything here!

Fruit and vegetables

Halmstad people love all sorts of kale. Harplinge Kål is the largest kale producer in Halmstad. Its produce can be bought from several shops here and in southern Sweden. Also in Harplinge, Börjes Konditori offers several products in which kale is one of the exciting ingredients. Try, for example, kale crisp bread.

Another cosy farm shop can be found in Onsjö. Kaggagård sells home-grown vegetables, strawberries and flowers. You can also pick your own. Its ranges vary with the seasons. Additionally, home-made skin care products can be bought here. As also teas from a wide-ranging selection that is guaranteed to have something to your taste!

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