Vallgatan and Hantverksgatan’s cosy alleyways

Old Vallgatan and Hantverksgatan next to Krönlines Brewery is perhaps one of Halmstad’s cosiest streets, right in the heart of the city. The period cobblestones and the small houses have been preserved here. As a result, it’s easy to imagine you are in a bygone era.

If you stroll along Vallgatan and Hantverksgatan, you will discover charming, colourful buildings and climbing roses winding their way up the walls along the narrow passageway. You will also find Halmstad’s smallest house here.

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Survived the fire in 1619

The streets are in a part of Halmstad that still retains an old-fashioned appearance. A large proportion of the houses along Vallgatan and Hantverksgatan were built in modern times, however. Nevertheless, thanks to their location and size, they fit in well with the older houses.

Some of the houses along the narrow street are among the few buildings that remain following the great fire in the city in 1619. In fact, it was only the small houses along Vallgatan, the castle and the church that survived the raging fire.

 A house alley with snow

Halmstad’s ramparts

Vallgatan and Hantverksgatan are located in one of the oldest parts in Halmstad, and even the name Vallgatan (which means “embankment street”) tells us that its history goes back a long way. The ramparts, part of Halmstad’s fortifications that once surrounded old Halmstad, ran just beyond Vallgatan. If you look closely, you can still see relics from that time.

History lovers can continue their walk to Karl XI’s Väg, which runs just off Vallgatan, to see more historic remnants from the embankment. You should also take the opportunity to discover more historic sites inside the walls.

A alley with hollyhocks

A walk in the outskirts of the city

The alleys Vallgatan and Hantverksgatan are now located in the heart of central Halmstad. In the past, however, the streets were considered to be the outskirts of the city. The people who lived in this district were those who did not have much money. Up until around 1902, this was the outer limit of the city. There were no buildings beyond this area, if we ignore the Eastern and Northern suburbs.

A house alley with greenery

Photo: Jersper Molin

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