The idyllically situated Söderpiren beach centre is located next to Västra Stranden beach and Halmstad Marina, just a stone’s throw from the sea. A wide variety of activities are offered here for you to try.

Hot tub at Söderpiren in Halmstad

Bathe in the hot tub and cold bath on Söderpiren. Photo: Söderpiren

Sauna and hot tub on the beach

Söderpiren can be seen as a small cold bathhouse. Here you will find a hot tub, a cold bath (not just the sea!), a relaxation room and, of course, an outdoor hot tub. And you get the magical sea views into the bargain!

 View from the outside on Söderpiren in Halmstad


Do you fancy something to eat? At Söderpiren you will find a number of delicious pastries, hot sandwiches, fresh salads and Söderpiren’s popular Smörrebröd (Danish-style sandwiches). Fresh smoothies, coffee, espresso and other beverages are also offered. Take a seat on their beautiful terrace and enjoy an iced coffee in the sun, with spectacular views out over the sea!

Space for your dog

Västra Stranden beach, along with Söderpiren, has become a paradise for you and your dog. Your four-legged friend is welcome both here and on the beach all year round. And your dog might want to try a piece of Söderpiren’s popular Smörrebröd as well!

Västra stranden beach in Halmstad at sunset

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