Sunsets and evening dips

Few experiences can beat a clear and colorful sunset in Halmstad. So much so that many people actually come here just to experience the sunset.

Halmstad offers several great places to watch the sunset, here are some of our recommendations. Remember to bring a yummy picnic meal and swimwear for a balmy evening swim while the sun sets.

 Several people SUPs at sunset

Photo. Patrik Leonardsson


The sharp profile of Skallen Peak is a remnant of past quarrying, and the shoreline is also marked by rocks and stones. At the top, you will have a stunning view of the southern Kattegat, and with a sunset in the distance, the place is an experience not to miss. If an evening swim interests you, it’s not far to Haverdal’s super nice sandy beach where on warm evenings swimmers are often spotted in the water.

Lynga Sand Dunes

In Haverdals Nature Reserve (swe) External link, opens in new window. you will find one of Scandinavia’s highest sand dunes, Lynga Sand Dune. It measures 36 meters above sea level, and a narrow and steep staircase leads you to the top. At the top, you will be greeted by a spectacular view of the beach forest, the sea, and the surroundings. There’s also a picnic table at the top where you can enjoy a sunset meal with an unbeatable sunset on the horizon.

 Sunset in Stening in Halmstad

Sunset in Steninge. Photo: Suo Photo, Mostphotos


Along the coastal landscape at Steninge beach there is stunning scenery to behold. South of the beach, the scenery consists largely of bare rocks with giant potholes from the Ice Age. It is a perfect place to bring a picnic meal on a late summer evening, sit on the rocks and enjoy a stunning sunset. Perhaps even take a dip in the sea?


Grötvik is characterized by a rocky coastline with old quarries and a charming marina. The light here is also said to be something very special. On the hill above one of the quarries is Spritkullen, from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Kattegat sea. A good tip is to buy a cozy evening picnic meal, chose one of the many rocks to sit down on, and watch what is perhaps the most magical sunset on the west coast.

Flera människor tar ett kvällsdopp i Tylösand i Halmstad

Kvällsdopp i Tylösand. Foto: Mostphotos


A picnic meal on the sand dunes of Tylösand is a definite must when visiting Halmstad in the summer. On a warm evening, many people sit down in the impressive dunes to socialize, feel the pulse of Tylösand, and soak up a fairytale experience as the sun moves down into the sea. Sometimes the music from Hotel Tylösand’s concerts and after beach at Solgården can be heard here.


Tönnersa beach below the Tönnersa Nature Reserve External link, opens in new window. has some of Halland’s mightiest dunes. It’s also one of Halmstad’s quieter beaches, which is perfect for a romantic evening picnic meal in the dunes or a family night out with an evening swim. Finish with a dip in the sea as the sun slowly sinks into the horizon and the evening is complete.

 Sunset at Östra strand in Halmstad

Photo: Johan Falkberg, Mostphotos

Brearedssjön – lake

In the Simlångsdalen valley, you will find Brearedssjön, a cozy place to spend the evening if you want to experience nature at close quarters. Here you are surrounded by the tranquility of the forest and can enjoy birdsong, wildlife, fresh air and a dip in the sweet lake water. As the sun sets over the valley you’ll also get a beautiful view of the mirror-clear, sparkling lake.

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