Environmental efforts

Sustainability is always at the heart of Destination Halmstad’s operations. We shall be an integral part of creating a more sustainable society. Here we present what we work towards in terms of environmental, social and economic sustainability.

We work purposefully to help create a more sustainable tourism industry. Our work is based on UNTWO’s External link, opens in new window. definition with a focus on economic, social and environmental aspects. Halmstad shall be a sustainable destination.

Overall, it involves trying to maximise the positive effects of the hospitality industry while striving to minimise the negative ones. It is an ongoing process where ‘long-term’ is the key word.

Environmental sustainability

Destination Halmstad, which includes Halmstad Theater, issues environmental diplomas to operations every year. We have done so since 2011. Receiving an environmental diploma means that we have introduced an effective environmental management system that works in day-to-day operations. It gives us insight into our environmental impact and what we can do to reduce it. We work purposefully to:

  • Travel in a more eco-friendly manner
  • Reduce our resource consumption
  • Recycle more
  • Increase staff knowledge and commitment to the environment
  • Create and prioritise events with an environmental profile

A vision and policy are in place to support our continued environmental work. Each year, we set new goals to update our environmental work. The environmental diploma meets national requirements according to The Swedish Environmental Base External link, opens in new window. and is based on the international standard for environmental management (ISO 14001).

Social sustainability

Regarding social sustainability, we work towards ensuring a tourism industry that develops together with Halmstad’s local communities. Development that creates added value and strengthens local identity, creates employment and confidence in the future. We do this by cultivating long-term relationships, collaborating with and promoting our local operators. We place high value on local companies in Halmstad.

Economic sustainability

The economic side of sustainability is based on conserving resources and creating sustainable growth. For us at Destination Halmstad, it is about making sustainable long-term decisions, i.e. decisions that benefit economic growth without negatively impacting the social and environmental aspects. An example of this is how we work to book and host events, which create far-reaching positive effects for the entire community.

Why sustainable development in the hospitality industry?

Working with sustainability is self-evident in today’s society. The hospitality industry is no exception. More and more visitors are demanding – and expecting – their experiences to be sustainable. As a company in the hospitality industry, you have much to gain from working with sustainability. It strengthens your brand and makes you more competitive – working with sustainability can also make your company more financially viable in the long run.

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