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What do the dressing rooms look like? What about dressing room catering? Where is there accommodation? Are there restaurants nearby? What will I have time to see in Halmstad? What number do I call for a taxi? Find the answers to these questions and more information here.

Corona adaptations

Halmstad Theatre is following the authorities’ guidelines and restrictions regarding Corona, Covid-19 and adapting its activities accordingly. Should new guidelines be introduced, we will update the information about our routines on Halmstad Theatre's corona page.

Our dressing rooms and green rooms

We want our guest artists and crew members to be as comfortable as possible while here and have therefore given all the dressing rooms and green rooms a make-over. Our aim has been to create something that will both make an impression and be memorable. We want you to feel that you are important to us, that you will be happy here, and want to come back.

Stora salongen has a green room where you can relax before and after the show. It has a kitchenette fitted with a fridge and microwave. Stora salongen has seven dressing rooms – each with a unique design. Choose the dressing room that suits you the best.

Figarosalen has a green room and two dressing rooms. Festsalen also has separate green rooms.

Soffa och bord i green room

Green room till Stora salongen

Dressing room refreshments

If you would like help with dressing room catering, please send an email to no later than one month before your event. If you prefer to bring your own catering with you, that is fine.

However, you cannot bring your own alcoholic beverages since our alcohol licence regulations apply to the entire building. If you have any questions, please contact

For tips on restaurants close to the theatre, go to Food and Drink under Before your visit.

Local shops

Grocery stores

Coop Gamletull is about 400 metres away, less than a five-minute walk from Halmstad Theatre. The store is usually open from 07:00 to 23:00 every day of the week. It takes just over six minutes to walk the 500 metres to Hemköp i city on Köpmansgatan. The store is usually open from 07:00 to 22:00 every day of the week.

Bakeries and patisserie

There are two bakeries located just a stone's throw from Halmstad Theatre. Paulssons Konditori (patisserie) is located on Fredsgatan 8, 100 metres from Halmstad Theatre. Here you can buy everything from pastries, cakes and bread to salads and ready-to-go sandwiches. You can also buy pastries, bread, cakes, salads, etcetera at Östra's bröd on Skansgatan 5, about 100 metres from Halmstad Theatre. Östra's bröd also sells cheese and cold cuts.


Handplockat Blommor & Små Ting is located at Kungsgatan 20, diagonally opposite Halmstad Theatre. Here you can get help with professional flower arrangements and deliveries.

More shopping

There are some small boutiques and restaurants right next to Halmstad Theatre. The theatre is located just a stone’s throw from the downtown Halmstad City shopping centre where there is a wide range of shops. Other shopping malls are Hallarna, Flygstaden and Stenalyckan. For more shopping tips, visit

List of shops and stores

The list below has been taken from Google My Business and shows the shops and stores located no more than 500 metres from Halmstad Theatre.

Tidlöst i Halmstad AB

47 omdömen

Butik Paletti

7 omdömen


1461 omdömen

Life Halmstad

4 omdömen


0 omdömen


44 omdömen


0 omdömen

Kirsten Munck 6

0 omdömen


75 omdömen

Sportringen Halmstad City

33 omdömen

How to get here, taxi services and public transport

For information about parking, taxi services, how to get to Halmstad Theatre etc., go to Before your visit and then How to get here.

Explore the delights of Halmstad

If you have some time on your hands and would like to see more of Halmstad, we have compiled a list of great tips at Do you want customised tips to suit your personal interests? No problem! Halmstad Tourist Centre is located in Halmstad Theatre’s lower foyer.