Event calendar

Here you will see a selection of events at Halmstad Theatre. For a full programme, you are welcome to visit Halmstad Theatre’s corresponding event page in Swedish. On destinationhalmstad.se you can see the full range of cultural offerings in Halmstad.

Event and Covid-19

As of 29 September 2021, entertainment facilities are permitted to reopen at their full capacity. We look forward to your visit, and Halmstad Theatre is once again bursting with life and laughter. Nevertheless, we urge you to continue to take certain precautions so that everyone feel safe when they visit us. If you are not yet vaccinated, the Public Health Agency of Sweden still recommends some extra restrictions.

Check out our COVID-19 information page to see what measures we continue to implement at Halmstad Theatre to ensure that you feel safe during your visit. On the same page we also tell you what we have done during the lockdown and what applies to any moved or cancelled events. Welcome to Halmstad Theatre.


If you have purchased a ticket for one of our performances, information will be sent out by e-mail or phone about what applies if your performance is cancelled or moved. All questions about performances should be e-mailed to info@tourist.halmstad.se if you are a private person and info@halmstadsteater.se if you are an organiser.