Digital meetings

Digital meetings are the new normal. You can reach a broader target group and more participants. You can even combine a physical and digital meeting into a hybrid meeting.

A professional studio for the optimal experience

How people experience your digital meeting will depend to a large extent on the environment and technical expertise at your disposal. We have built a professional studio with all of the requisite technology, and a little more, in the Banqueting Hall at Halmstad Theatre. Good sound, stylish lighting and a flexible venue will elevate your meeting.

The Banqueting Hall Studio is equipped for live broadcasts, hybrid meetings and physical meetings. If you have any special requests, we will be delighted to find a solution that fits your specific needs. Regardless of what form it takes, a meeting held with us will be a positive experience.

Studio Festsalen på Halmstads Teater

Digital packages

Here you can see what we offer in our digital packages, either a full day for longer broadcasts or a half day for shorter events.

  • A studio adapted for live broadcasts, including video, streaming, sound and lighting equipment.
  • Two technicians for audiou/visual and sound/lighting and video/streaming.
  • 5 hours of preparation prior to broadcast.
  • Technical equipment with cameras and digital technology
  • Broadcasting platforms with one-way communication, YouTube or Facebook.
  • Platforms for interactive meetings and breakouts, Zoom or Teams.
  • Broadcasts can be recorded on request.

Hybrid meetings

For hybrid meetings, you can easily combine our physical and digital meeting packages to cater for both personal and remote attendance. How many people we can accommodate on site depends on current restrictions and recommendations.


Learn more about how Halmstad Theatre is working preventively to reduce the risk of COVID-19 infection.


Hör gärna av dig för att bolla din digitala mötesidé! Vi är flexibla och lyhörda för dina mötesbehov. Skicka en förfrågan via vårt bokningsformulär, ring eller mejla oss på 035‑13 73 90 eller