Buy Tickets

You can either buy your tickets online or get personalised service. At the Halmstad Tourist Centre you can buy your tickets over the counter from our helpful staff. If you would rather book tickets online, you can usually do so via Ticketmaster. The Halmstad Theatre has information about how and where you can buy tickets for the event you wish to attend.

Leftover tickets can be purchased in Halmstad Theatre’s lower foyer from one hour before the show starts until 15 minutes after the curtain has gone up.

Where would you like to sit?

When you order your tickets, you are welcome to review our floor plans of Stora Salongen and Figarosalen. This makes it easier to decide where you would like to sit during the performance. You state your request for a place in connection with your booking. Click on the venue you’re planning to visit.

Stora salongen

Below you can see the floor plan for Stora Salongen at Halmstad Theatre.

Planskiss över Stora salongen

Numrerade platser i Stora salongen


Below you can see the floor plan for Figarosalen at Halmstad Theatre.

Planskiss över platser i Figarosalen

Numrerade platser i Figarosalen

Visit Halmstad Theatre digitally in 3D

Take a tour through Halmstad Theatre’s main entrance, up through the foyer and on into Stora Salongen. Or take a tour through our conference facilities.