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If you like food, you have come to the right place! Halmstad has many wonderful restaurants. All have a definite personality and atmosphere. You are sure to find favourites that you will gladly return to. Time after time. Or why not challenge your taste buds and dare to try something new?

Halmstad’s surroundings, their fertile farms, bountiful forests and plentiful game, bring the best out of the region’s restaurateurs. Demonstrating their prize-winning skills, they turn your meals out into gastronomic experiences – whether you are at a lunchtime bar or gourmet restaurant.

There is a rich and varied choice of restaurants in Halmstad. Asian, Italian, Swedish home-cooking or English pub food – there is something for everyone. In the summer, many restaurants and bars move out into the streets and squares. Tylösand beach, the Lilla torg square and the banks of the Nissan river are safe bets for anyone seeking a cold drink and nibbles at an eatery with outdoor seating.

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