Golf with exquisite tastes

We feel sure the trip to Halmstad will be to your taste! There are gastronomic experiences all along the coast at golf restaurants and in the city’s centre.

After a glorious day on the course, you and your golf chums, or the person closest to your heart, can enjoy a tasty meal at one of Halmstad’s many restaurants. With drinks from all corners of the world and tastefully composed menus from near and far, Halmstad has something for all tastes.

Drink tasting

Halmstad’s knowledge of drinks is deep and our offerings are wide. Anyone wanting to know more about the exciting histories and tastes of wine, champagne and whiskey can choose from many options here. With masterly finesse and balance, the Fox and Anchor, Hotel Tylösand and A Little Party all present exciting examples of these drinks with food accompaniments.

Anyone who prefers coffee or beer should make their way to Slottsmöllan’s historic setting. Here, you can learn a little (or a lot) about beer and coffee production. I’m Coffee and the Halmstad Brygghus brewery offer tastings combined with foods selected to ensure taste buds enjoy the experience to the max!

These are just some of the drink tastings offered in Halmstad. They are all pleasant, social occasions that can advantageously be combined with a golf tour.

Farm shops

Sea, lakes, rolling fields and dense forests all come together in Halland. Hence, we have optimal conditions for producing fine food ingredients locally. There are farm shops everywhere that, each in their own way, have become flourishing business with a focus on sustainability.

Local production is deeply rooted in Halland’s history. For many centuries, men and women fought hard to extract livings from their smallholdings. Although conditions are now different, that feeling and pride are still there.

After a relaxing day on the golf course, it is easy to drop into one of our farm shops and try some of our Halland specialities. Vibrantly fresh vegetables from Ugglarps Grönt, cheese in all its forms from Kvibille Ostbod and sausages, meats and additive-free charcuterie from Wapnö Gård. Be sure to call in on Gudmundsgården, Halland’s oldest farm charcuterie operation.

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