Paddle tennis and other racquet sports

Paddle tennis with a sea view and friends, badminton with the family or watching top-level table tennis? Halmstad has racquet sports for all.

Söndrumshallen is a major racquet sports centre offering tennis, badminton, squash and paddle tennis. There are also several Halmstad facilities devoted to paddle tennis – both indoor and outdoor. Indeed, Halmstad has developed into one of the destinations with most paddle tennis courts in Sweden. Some of these, e.g. Vilshärad and Ringenäs, have impressive sea views. Several more courts are on the way.

Halmstad also has one of Sweden’s most active table tennis associations/clubs, HBTK, which has won several Swedish championship golds. The club enjoyed a further boost when, in 2018, we held the world table tennis team championship at Halmstad Arena.

Multisport halls

Söndrumshallen is a fantastic place that brings together several racquet sports. Paddle tennis, tennis, squash and badminton can all be played here.

Covered paddle tennis courts

  • With 7 indoor courts, Padelcenter in Sannarp is Halland’s largest paddle tennis hall.
  • In Oskarström, just outside Halmstad, Nissan Padelcenter is a state-of-the-art facility with four indoor courts.

Open-air paddle tennis courts

  • Ringenäs Golf Club has an outdoor court with a fantastic sea view.
  • Halmstad Golf Club has an outdoor paddle tennis court next to the golf course.

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