SUP Adventure along Fylleån

A stand-up paddleboarding tour in Fylleån is something out of the ordinary, and sometimes it is even hard to believe that it is in Sweden where you are paddling.

You will glide here in an almost Amazonian-like environment where branches stretch out over the water and stones sticking up out of the water present a challenge to steering. In other words, with all the obstacles that add extra spice to the tour it can be a genuine adventure. Nevertheless, stand-up paddleboarding is something that suits the vast majority of people, beginners as well as professionals, and you don’t need any special prior knowledge or experience.

Grupp instrueras inför SUP-äventyr

Foto: KiteKalle

Fylleån is KiteKalle’s (Swe) External link, opens in new window. first and most popular tour. The adventure starts just east of Halmstad, in the area of Snöstorp, and then follows the river with a stream towards Hagön, where the tour ends. The staff provides assistance with equipment and instructions. The paddling takes approximately 1.5–2 hours – depending upon the pace you keep. You yourself choose - make it a workout with your friends, or an easy-going while exciting excursion at the right pace with your whole family?

SUP-äventyr längs Fylleån i Halmstad

SUP-äventyr längs Fylleån. Foto: KiteKalle

If you are up for a bigger challenge, you can choose to paddle all the way to the estuary and out to the sea and then return back towards Hagön again. If you are a larger group, you can also choose yoga or fitness on the SUP board, for example.

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