Hiking in Halmstad – longer tours

Do you like to walk? In Halmstad you can hike through deep forests, over open landscapes and along long sandy beaches - all on the same day. Here we offer tips for those who want to hike a little longer.

The Halland Trail is the longest hiking trail in Halmstad and is ideal for those who want to go further and also spend the night outdoors. Take the opportunity to combine a hike along the Halland Trail with some other shorter and unique hiking trails.

Stig längs Hallandsleden



For those who are in the mood for a longer hike, perhaps with an overnight stay in the forest, there is Hallandsleden. A 380 km long hiking trail through Halland's beautiful nature and rich cultural offerings. The landscape changes all the time: one moment you are walking through deep forests and then you come out into open landscape.

Simlångsdalen is a hub for Hallandsleden where you can choose to hike south towards Laholm and further onto Skåneleden External link, opens in new window. via Brammarp. Or continue north towards Varberg, Gothenburg and then also Bohusleden. Another stage also goes into central Halmstad.

On our page about Hallandsleden, we have put together suggestions for day and weekend tours along the trail.

View of the sea from Prince Bertil's path

View from Prince Bertil's path

Prins Bertils stig

Prins Bertils stig is perhaps Halmstad’s most beautiful walk. Generally following the coast, its 18 km meander by the sea from central Halmstad out to Tylösand and then on to leafy Möllegård. In several places along the trail there are bus stops close by, which allows you to easily adapt the length of your tour.

On our page about Prins Bertils stig, you will find a map and interesting facts about different sights and attractions along the trail.

Three people canoeing in Gyltigesjön

Gyltigesjön. Photo: Patrik Leonardsson

Gyltige in Simlångsdalen

Are you craving real wilderness with little risk of meeting other hikers? Then Gyltige's hiking trails are for you. Gyltige is located just north of Simlångsdalen and connects to the Halland Trail. There are several pleasant trails to hike along, as well as the possibility of overnight accommodation in shelters. Three of the four trails are 10km or more.

The longest trail is the white track at 13.2km. Follow the white markers from the old farmhouse of Simlångsgården in Gyltige towards Lidhult and then turn off into the forest. Here you’ll have a good chance to see wild animals such as moose and wild boar, even bears and lynx have been regularly observed in the area. When you have made your way around Håraltsjön and glimpse the Longhulta bog between the tree trunks, don’t miss taking a look into Svalilts Skvaltkvarn, where the farmers of yesteryear went to grind their grain. Svalilt is also one of the highest villages in Halland at a giddy height of 200 metres.

 Hiking in Biskopstorp



Biskopstorp Nature Reserve (Swe) External link, opens in new window. is one of southern Sweden’s largest forest reserves. It has eleven walking trails in various formats. They are interspersed with barbecue sites and a viewing platform offering panoramic vistas. The deciduous forest hills are perfect for both cycling and walking. This nature reserve is one of Halland's most accessible nature reserves. There are a number of disabled-friendly trails here.

The trails are of a shorter kind and run across and through the nature reserve. Although the trails are shorter, by walking several trails you can get a longer hike. Take the opportunity to walk along Fästampaslingan up to the vantage point to get a beautiful view of Steninge and central Halmstad. If you are walking along the Halland Trail, you can reach the nature reserve from Oskarström and Slättåkra. Most of the trails start from the Biskopstorp Nature Reserve (Swe) External link, opens in new window. car park.

Döbla campsite

Döbla campsite. Photo: Hallandsleden

Spend the night out in nature

Want to wake up to the sound of rippling water and birdsong? With nature as your living room. In Halmstad there are many cosy campsites with permanent shelters. Want to enjoy nature, but in a little bit more comfort? Try glamping! See our page Stay in nature – shelters, tents and wild camp.

Fire burning in fireplace in the forest by a lake

Sweden’s right of public access

Sweden’s right of public access gives everyone wide access to our countryside. However, besides rights, it also involves obligations. These include taking responsibility for flora and fauna as well as respecting land owners and other visitors.

Are you planning to light a fire? Be sure to find out what applies where you are. For example, you are not allowed to light a fire in all nature reserves. You can see what applies in the nature reserves that you plan to visit on the Halland County Administrative Board website (Swe) External link, opens in new window.. Also check that there is no prohibition on lighting fires in force. On our page about Sweden’s right of public access you can read more about what to think about when you are out in the countryside.

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