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Four times a year, Destination Halmstad comes out with the magazine Upplev (Discover). In the web version we also offer even more – an English version, more tips, digital maps and inspirational pictures. Enjoy this vinter's magazine and lots of great moments!

 Angler out on the ice in Halmstad

Winter activities

Coming soon.

 Person looking at a painting

Art Museum

Visit our two large art museums – Halland Art Museum and Mjellby Art Museum

Asian Bank Office in Halmstad

Gourmet in Halmstad

In Halmstad we have several restaurants that value that little bit extra – in terms of both culinary pleasure and atmosphere.

 Art galleri

Art galleries

In Halmstad you will find several splendid galleries exhibiting both world-class international artworks and the work of local artists.

Records in a store

Shopping tips in the city during wintertime

Set out on a shopping spree in the city and procure everything you need for lazy days in your warm abode

View of restaurant "Lillebror" on Västra Strand


Coming soon

A map


See all the places mentioned in the magazine placed on a digital map.

Halmstad på Instagram

10 Instagram friendly places

Share your photos to our Instagram account. On the page you also get tips on nice photo places.


Below you will find the same visitor destinations as in the printed magazine, for more tips and maps visit subpages and guides here on our website. The map is in Swedish.

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