Heritage in Kvibille

Around 15 kilometres north of Halmstad, there is a gem of a village, Kvibille. To stroll through its beautiful streets and surroundings is to experience culture, heritage and history. Discover fascinating remains from the Bronze Age all the way through to the 20th century. Do not forget to try the village’s famous cheeses!

Walk through the ages

Recorded as Quithbillä, Kvibille appears in texts as early as the 14th century. This tiny community breathes a venerable past that is beautifully signposted on the Kvibille Culture Walk – around four kilometres full of history and intriguing tales.

Go down into the dungeon and read the story of farm hand Johan Jacob Olsson Qwick, the last person to be executed in Kvibille. Let your imagination take you back to feel the raw cold of what it was like to be locked up in the 19th century.

There are ten stops along the way. The dairy and the execution ground are amongst the places you can see and read about. Visit the district courthouse where legal disputes involving Halmstad people were tried and the dungeon where villains were held incarcerated. In the church wall, the runestone in memory of a man called Torlak also has an interesting history.

On the Kvibille website, you can read the fascinating stories connected to the village’s heritage and download a map of the walk.

Kvibille cheese

Today, Kvibille is probably best known for its over 100-year-old dairy, which produces prize-winning, tasty cheeses. Making both cheddars and blue cheeses, Kvibille Dairy is now one of Sweden’s oldest. At Kvibille Gästgivaregård, there is the Kvibille Cheese Shop visitor centre. Here, you can taste and buy cheese to your heart’s content.

From Quithbillä to Kvibille

You may remember that Kvibille is mentioned as early as the 14th century under the name Quithbillä. It is believed that the derivation of “Kvith” is “tummy” or “belly” and refers to the shape of the terrain. “Bill” may be the blade part of “plough blade” and could refer to a local rock formation resembling this implement.

More Kvibille

With a tradition dating back to 1645, the Kvibille Gästgivaregård inn is an excellent place for a night’s stay and, amongst other things, good food and music. If you would like to be out in the countryside, there is Biskopstorp nature reserve. This is one of southern Sweden’s largest forest reserves and one of Halland’s most accessible. The Susegården Shotgun Shooting School is also nearby. You can give clay pigeon shooting a try or take a day-long shooting course.

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