Diving and snorkelling in Halmstad

Along the Halmstad coast you’ll find plenty of wonderful rocky outcrops and bathing bays that are exciting for both diving and snorkelling. We can also offer the luxury of a professional diving school, which offers courses for both beginners and those with experience. So, put on your goggles or diving mask, and discover the world beneath the surface!

Waves hit the opposite coast in Grötvik

Grötvik's coast

Diving in picturesque Grötvik

Make your way to the old fishing village of Grötvik via Prins Bertil’s Trail, which runs through the area. Grötvik is a picturesque bathing area with a small sea rescue station. It’s a place where you can dive and then enjoy a little “after dive” at sunset at the marina, which offers beautiful views of the sea. If you choose to dive here, you’ll experience a varied environment – everything from the sandy sea bed to rocks and small caves. Grötvik also has its own diving club – Grötviks dykklubb (Swe). External link, opens in new window. A relatively newly formed club, which welcomes anyone who wants to promote diving in Halmstad.

Diving courses with Halmstad Divers

Learn to dive with the pros! Halmstad Divers (Swe) External link, opens in new window. offer various kinds of diving courses at Actic Simhallsbadet City (Swe). External link, opens in new window. If you’re curious, you can also try “Prova På Dyk” (“Diving Taster Session”) for an evening. As a beginner, you can learn how to dive and take certificates with PADI Open Water Diver. With a PADI diving certificate, you can dive anywhere in the world. If you want to take your diving skills a step further, Halmstad Divers also hold continuation courses and special courses (Swe). External link, opens in new window.


Photo: Armin-Staudt, Mostphotos

Snorkel-friendly coast

As we have lots of small, welcoming bathing bays and rocks around Halmstad, you can of course go out and discover life under the surface on your own. Maybe you’ll find your very own unique perfect spot! Remember to remain alert and be careful. And of course – protect the environment and marine life, so it will be around for a long time. After all, we’re only paying a visit the residents of the sea!

Halland’s first snorkelling trail

Embark on a snorkelling adventure! At Svärjarehålan at Tylösand you’ll find a beach adapted for disabled visitors, with rocks, grassy areas and a sandy beach. It also offers Halland’s very first snorkelling trail, covering 200 metres. Along the trail, you’re guided by signs informing you about some of the most common species hiding on the sandy sea bed. You’re guaranteed to encounter the rich, exciting underwater life that exists right among us – along Halmstad’s beautiful coast!

Picturesque, snorkel-friendly bathing bays

Tjuvahålan is another option that offers great opportunities for both snorkelling and fishing. It also offers barbecue facilities. If you head north instead, the Steninge bathing area stands out with its pier, which divides the sea out to the rocky island of Stora Skär. You can go on a proper snorkelling experience and try to catch the crabs hiding between the rocks.

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