Mjellby Art Museum

With the Halmstad Group collection, Mjellby Art Museum houses an important part of Sweden’s art history. You can follow the group’s story from the youthful years in Europe to the breakthrough as the Swedish surrealists. Temporary exhibitions focused on modernism are also shown in parallel.

NOTE Mjellby Art Museum is currently closed for renovation and will reopen on September 7, 2024.

Dive deep into art history with the museum’s audio guide. This is available for both adults and children. Alternatively, get that little more by having one of the museum’s knowledgeable guides take you round. For the youngest visitors, there is a creative workshop and special activities are often arranged. When you are replete with experiencing art, take the opportunity to buy refreshments in the wonderful café and sit down in the cosy inner courtyard.

If you want to take your experience home with you, there is a museum shop with inspiration for the young and in-depth explorations for the older. Mjellby Art Museum often produces its own books for the temporary exhibitions. Beautifully located in the heart of the Halland landscape, Mjellby Art Museum is a car journey of around five to ten minutes from the city centre.

The Halmstad Group

Mjellby Art Museum has a permanent exhibition devoted to the Halmstad Group. Thanks to the museum’s large collection of the Halmstad Group’s work, it is possible to hold varying exhibitions of the group’s pioneering contributions to Swedish art history. The Halmstad Group played a major role in bringing modernism to Sweden.

A broad collection of the Halmstad group's work is also available in their digital collection and archive. External link, opens in new window.

Modernism and surrealism

In addition to Halmstad Group exhibitions, Mjellby Art Museum also stages temporary exhibitions focused on modernism and its various offshoots. These exhibitions are often based on subjects such as gender, norms, society and politics, not infrequently in collaboration with various researchers.

Mjällby Art House?

Mjellby Art Museum was originally a private museum under the name Mjällby konstgård (Mjällby Art House). Located in an old school, it was founded in 1980 by Viveka Bosson, daughter of Erik Olson (member of the Halmstad Group). Viveka gave the establishment to the municipality of Halmstad in 1997. A new exhibition hall, entrance and café were added at that time and the name was changed to Mjellby Art Museum.

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